The main features and strengths of OKULEN® PP:

  • Thermoplastic, partly crystalline
  • High rigidity and hardness (polypropylene is harder than polyethylene)
  • High chemical stability
  • High heat resistance
  • Easy to work with and weld
  • Available in natural colour or grey (RAL 7032)

OKULEN® PP is suitable for continuous temperatures of zero to 100°C; note that the material will become brittle at temperatures below freezing. The material’s density is around 0.91 g/cm³, and its wear resistance is low – below OK 500 (HMW-PE).
OKULEN® PP is used in applications such as semi-finished products, punch plates, filter plates, linings, gears, preforms with or without pressed metal inserts (such as pump impellers, pump casings, discs, etc.).

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