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OKULEN® plastic linings have proven their worth in industrial sectors such as mining, coal-fired power plants, cement plants, lime plants, mills, iron works, and salt mines.


Here are a dozen decisive benefits:

  1. Paraffin-like surface to ensure perfect sliding properties

  2. No moisture absorption, therefore no caking, freezing or bridging

  3. High impact strength

  4. Elastic and noise-reducing

  5. Extremely low wear and abrasion

  6. Excellent chemical stability

  7. Low maintenance for increased productivity

  8. No risk of becoming brittle at extremely low temperature, good heat resistance (about 80–90°C)

  9. Low specific density at around 0.95 g/cm³ for easier handling and application

  10. No health risks

  11. Simple installation by screwing, welding studs, or other alternative mounting options

  12. Also available in antistatic to discharge static electricity


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