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OKULEN® PRO GRIP has gained a firm place in trailer fittings. The combination of OKULEN® 500 Reg coarse-multicolour FN9009 with an elastomer layer in varying thickness benefits shipment safety on trucks. Loose rubber strips used to come off on the motorway, but you now have a virtually permanent fixture using a material developed with the help of the Fraunhofer Institute. The only requirement is that your truck has a firm steel frame structure for a sturdy base.


Material thicknesses and combinations.

Any thickness ratios of PE and elastomer or material combinations are possible. Three-piece sandwich elements have already been made in a shipbuilding project – 60 mm elastomer with 15 mm PE on both sides.


Crane plates for a secure footing.

Crane plates also benefit from OKULEN® PRO GRIP, providing secure support for mobile crane load supports. Ask us about the design you need – we can make any part according to drawing. With or without a carrying cord, we provide full service at OKULEN®.

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